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Peradam Projects, Deep Time: Blue rocks

Blue Rocks


Blue rocks was an ephemeral sculpture workshop for Spensley Street Primary School, organised for 100 Year 5/6 students as part of the art workshop Deep Time: an expansive and immersive walking art project. Utilizing the Merri Creek and surrounds as both environment and subject for a deeper investigation of place, students approached the creek via the lenses of geology, botany, ecology, indigenous stories and art practices.


Students were given 5 basalt stones each, the local volcanic rock, which they painted a metallic blue. Shifting the material from the natural to the artifical served to highlight the blue rocks within the Merri Creek setting and required students to consider ideas, placement and actions involving kinetic and positioned outcomes. The students created both individual and group expressions, active and static arrangements of blue rocks that were documented via photography and video.

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