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Peradam Projects, Deep Time: Mapping



The Mapping project had another working title, 'My Head as a Map', taken from a historic print exhibition shown at the National Gallery of Australia. Students were asked to consider their Deep Time experience; walks, talks, workshops and major art projects, and locate themselves and their ideas within that context. Having viewed historical maps of the Quarry, Merri Creek and surrounding streets, soil and geology maps and contemporary street maps, students were encouraged to create an artwork on paper using both sides. Each surface could be related or might be a different view point about Deep TIme.


Students used a variety of media, inks, pencils, drawing and collage. Many enjoyed the opportunity of enlarging aspects of their design using the windows and "old technology"- an overhead projector to trace sections of smaller drawings, thus weaving togethertopographical detail with other narratives. Experimenting with the inks created an expressive immediacy with the wet on wet process, contrasting with the fine tracings.


The image above shows green tree-like branches extending into the white sphere, encompassing many aspects of Deep Time and the mapping project.


The pages were hinged together to create an a large concertina that was displayed flowing on the floor, echoing the sharp bends of the Yarra River originally formed by volcanic activity.

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