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Peradam Projects, Deep Time: Ephemeral sculpture

Ephemeral sculpture


Ephemeral sculpture workshops were conducted throughout the Deep Time Project, across all the year levels from Prep to Year 6. This was a powerful experience for artists and students alike, developing a sensitivity to materials, placement, context and temporal artworks in collaboration with one another.


Many students had little to no experience with constructing artworks in an outdoor setting. It was a new idea to create something transitory, lasting anywhere from a day to a split second splash recorded on film.  

Walking, using found or natural materials within a specific site and responding to the topography of the space was a refreshing departure point for individual making and collaborative design and construction. These interactions resulted in small fleeting arrangements and larger sculptures that were documented by staff and students via video and photography.

Students reflected on what was visually successful, imagining and writing about extending their initial ideas.  

The practice of creating art in an ephemeral way resonated with older students concerns about ongoing environmental sustainability. 

For younger children it came as naturally as breathing.

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